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3 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Payroll to a PEO

Even for a small company, processing payroll can be quite an undertaking. It requires time, careful attention, and an understanding of your industry’s rules and regulations. What’s more, if your payroll is not done correctly, then you run the risk of getting slapped with an …

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How PEOs Keep You in Compliance With HR Laws

What’s that endless sea of red tape and regulations?!?! …Oh, it’s just the HR component of your small business. I guess opening that bakery wasn’t all peaches and cream after all. Turns out there’s more to worry about than just making sure the bread isn’t …

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Key Indicators That You Need to Partner With a PEO

If you own a small or medium-sized business, chances are you’ve got your hands full. That said, the idea of entering into a co-employment arrangement with a PEO might sound like a complicated endeavor – just another thing to add to your already-full plate – …

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